Win up to $10,000. BitcoLoan Referral Contest.

BitcoLoan announces a contest where you can get up to $10,000! The competition starts today, while the results will be announced in one month.

This is a two-category contest, and there are 5 winners in each category. The initial prize is $500. Hurry up to take part in the contest!

The contest rules are simple. Starting today, you need to invite as many active partners as possible. The more invitations you send, the better your chances of winning.

- We will only accepts those partners, invited on or after the contest start date.
- We accept only “active” partners. In other words, the partners who make investments.
- Only first level partners are accepted. Partners of levels 2 and 3 are not taken into account.

The prize fund is $20,000. It will be divided equally between the two categories and five winners will get the reward.

By taking part in the contest, you participate in both categories at a time and can get one of the prizes in each category.

“The Largest Network” category
In this category, it is important to invite as many active partners as possible. We will designate the winner by counting the number of active partners invited during the contest.

In this category, the winners will be those who invite the most active partners and build the largest referral network.

1st place — $5,000
2nd place — $2,500
3rd place — $1,500
4th place — $500
5th place — $500

“The Most Active Partners” category
In this category, it is important to raise the largest amount invested in crypto loans through invited partners. The more your partners invest, the better your chances of winning.

It doesn’t matter if you have many partners with a small investment amount or just a few but with major investments. The only thing that matters is the total amount of investment raised. The winners will be those who will raise the largest amount.

1st place — $5,000
2nd place — $2,500
3rd place- $1,500
4th place — $500
5th place — $500

8% of the investment amount
Apart from the prize, you will also get 8% of each invited partner’s investment amount. Simply put, if your partner invests $1000, you will get $80. It makes this contest a total win-win for you!

Give $5 — Get $5
When inviting active partners, both you and your partner get $5 credited to your accounts. These bonuses are not limited in number! You will get the bonus $5 for each invited partner. If you invited only 100 active partners, you will get $500 of additional profits!

Rating and Tokens
We’ve got another nice bonus for you — increased rating and tokens. You can get up to 800 tokens and increase your rating for each invited active partner. You can find out more about it in the “Token” section of your Dashboard.

Tips for Participants
We’ve asked our clients with the largest referral networks about how they’ve achieved such success. We want to share some of their tips with you! Use it to be more efficient when inviting partners so you will become one of the contest winners.

- Invite partners every day. Send your referral link on a daily basis, tell about it your new contacts and look for new ways and places to attract more referrals.
- Use the mobile app. Our mobile app can help you send hundreds of invitations in just a few clicks. This method is quite efficient.
- Use the promotional materials. In your Dashboard “Partners” section you will find a link to all the company promotional materials. Place them on your website and blog, or buy an ad from other services to attract more new referrals.
- Webinars and Conferences. Host a webinar or hold a conference where you can invite your friends. We can help you promote it! That way you will attract plenty of new partners.
- Improvize. Always keep looking for new methods and never be afraid of trying something new. Perhaps, one of your ideas will get you lots of new partners and a win in the contest!!

Put Social Media to Work
Twitter and Telegram are the social media where you will find most of the new partners. Use it, place your referral network and spread the word about BitcoLoan in group chats and threads.

Keep Track of Your Progress
In your Dashboard, you will find a special area that indicates all the info about your place in the contest rating. This will help you track your progress. Try to get one step closer to your goal every day!

Take part in the contest, win prizes and get profits, increased rating and tokens. The contest results will be announced on May 30. Your success is in your own hands!

If you have any questions, contact us via live chat. Our specialists will be glad to assist you on any matter.

We wish you luck!

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