​Store Your Crypto on BitcoLoan and Get 72% APY

Today we grant the BitcoLoan clients a unique opportunity — the updated Balance system. Store your crypto on BitcoLoan and get 0.2% of its amount daily!

This has been made possible thanks to the new stage in the BitcoLoan Protocol development. In particular, it’s happened as a result of creating the decentralized insurance fund based on operational AI and a bunch of smart contracts.

BitcoLoan Fund

We’re getting prepared for the BitcoLoan Protocol release. One of the most essential preparation parts is developing the support tools that together build the decentralized crypto lending ecosystem.

BitcoLoan Fund is a special fund which funds are supported by every СeFi and DeFi transaction in the BitcoLoan ecosystem. This pool is drawn from the company clients’ funds, which gets them 72% APY.

Do the terms change?

Storing crypto in the BitcoLoan account is still free of charge and is not imposed by any terms. You can add and withdraw funds at any moment. No new restrictions or terms added.

However, there are certain changes, and they cannot help but pleasantly surprise you. From now on, you will get 0.2% of the account balance every 24 hours. This gets you a benefit of 72% APY!

For clients only

Before the BitcoLoan Protocol is released, it is only the BitcoLoan clients who can take part in the Fund activities. Once the Protocol is released, the fund format will change and it will become publicly available.

With the BitcoLoan Protocol release, the daily profit percentage will be reduced to 0.05%. It won’t affect the previous terms — the profit percentage accrued when storing funds will remain the same as now.

Open Source

The BitcoLoan Fund will become open together with the BitcoLoan Protocol release this fall. With our clients’ help, we keep testing the protocol thus making sure that the product is 100% ready to disrupt the market.

The BitcoLoan Fund benefits are now available; from this moment on, you can profit on crypto or USD you have in your account. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the private testing and get the individual terms available to the BitcoLoan clients only.

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Detailed information:

🌟BitcoLoan is a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform — we help those who need money find people willing to bail them out. Life line to crypto freedom💸

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