Share Your Success Story and Get Up to 400 Tokens!

BitcoLoan is a huge community of people all over the world. Some came here as investors, some seek to borrow, and some want to be part of the community.

What we like the most about our job is to help people and make them happy. That is why we post a client’s story every week.

In these stories, people learn more about themselves and find the strength to take some decisive actions. This changes their lives for the better! You have a chance to share your success story. In gratitude, you will get a reward of up to 400 tokens.

Write a story describing your BitcoLoan experience. You could tell how you found us, what you’ve managed to achieve and what you’re striving for now. Take your chance and share your story with tens of thousands of other BitcoLoan users!

To become a hero of our next blog posts is quite easy. Just write your story, attach a few pictures and send it to us.

The story shouldn’t be too short nor too long. You could always take a look at some other stories to get yours right. You will find the stories in our blog, or by simply following this link.

For us to get your story and post it, send it to this address: You could also post a story on Medium or in your own blog and then send us a link via our live chat.

We’re really looking forward to your stories!

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Detailed information:

🌟BitcoLoan is a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform — we help those who need money find people willing to bail them out. Life line to crypto freedom💸

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