My Doge success on BitcoLoan

Hello there! I’m Francisco and I’m writing this from sunny and beautiful Brazil. I love sport and healthy lifestyle! This is my story of accidental success.

Why I call my success accidental? I bought some Doge coins long ago and only because I liked funny jokes and coin design. I always thought about cryptocurrency as about child game, as about something that helps you to belong to trend. Like this, I learned about Doge and bought some coins for $150. It was before its price was more than 1 cent, 2 years ago if I don’t mistake myself. In February 2021 when Doge pumped, I tried recover my wallet with coins. It was in my old PC I gave to my relatives. I was lucky and my wallet was still there. When I opened my wallet I realized I had 60593 coins, 4919 in dollars! I kind of hated myself that I didn’t buy more coins. This short story is how I returned back to crypto.

I don’t know how exactly I found BircoLoan, I think I saw people talking about it on some forums. I wanted to multiply my Dogecoins and BitcoLoan offered interesting terms for me. I needed deposit my coins in USD and wait some time for income. As I was not able to preserve Doge as cryptocurrency, I invested only half of my Doge. I thought it could higher and I was right! I will tell about it later. Then I made my very first investment. My 30296 Dogecoins turned into $750 in a month. I left BitcoLoan after that for some time.

Let’s get back to Doge price and how lucky I was to save some of coins for later. About 2 weeks ago it showed mad price increase and at I happened to have $8561 in the wallet I put $150! It kind of drives me crazy.

When I returned back to BitcoLoan was Dogecoin update. Now Dogecoin holders may invest Doge without conversion and this is what I needed. My next Business deposit amount was 20000 Dogecoins. It was a week since this long-term loan started, and make some mad progress! $586 a week now sound strong, what do you think? Finally I can buy me a professional drawing set. Or must I buy more Doge?

I know this success story is not step-by-step instruction for most people. I want consider it as more my luck and good timing. Probably some of you will remember to check your old wallet and find some hidden treasure!

Good luck to all of you!


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