Give $5 — Get $5. New Referral Bonuses!

You can get your friend a present now! What is more, you get something in return. We present you a new referral program tool.

Invite your friends to become investors and give additional $5 each. The more friends you invite, the more profit you get. You shouldn’t also forget about the 8% you get of their investment amount!

How does it work?

Let’s imagine John invites Emily to become a BitcoLoan investor. She registers on the website and then sees the frozen $5 in her account.

To make the bonus available, Emily tops up her account and invests $500 in a loan. Now, the bonus $5 is available for withdrawal or investment in other loans she fancies. Emily decides to invest $2005 in another loan using the bonus $5 while John withdraws $200+$5 of the referral bonus he got credited to his account.

Remember: The more new partners you invite, the more bonuses you get. Let’s say, when you invite 10 new partners, you get $50!

You should also keep in mind that, apart from the bonus $5, you get 8% of their investment amount.

Build your own referral network and get passive income daily with no investments made. Give it a try now!

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Detailed information:

🌟BitcoLoan is a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform — we help those who need money find people willing to bail them out. Life line to crypto freedom💸

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