Crypto Lending, is it worth it? Hear my story and decide for yourself.

Hello, my name is Lowell. I’d like to share my story and rise in crypto. I’m just your everyday guy with a 9 to 5 in the United States and I work in healthcare.

I don’t own a business like some of the stories you may read. To say that, my hard earned money is precious to me. Like most I can’t afford to throw money away and not miss it.

I am always looking for additional opportunities to change and better my life financially. I am not in a position where I can retire or live “the good life” (just yet). I have not accumulated mass amounts of wealth (YET).

I am no different than anyone else that dream of having their own brick and mortar business and to succeed in it. I want to set my family up for a great future and one where they would not have to worry about anything if something were to happen to me.

Let me give you an idea of how invested I was in cryptocurrency before discovering BitcoLoan. I have been an investor in the stock market since 2016. Since the start of investing I didn’t have as quite of a positive outlook on the crypto future as others did. In fact, I looked at it and had the chance to buy Bitcoin at about $600 in 2016, needless to say I didn’t purchase. Hindsight 20/20, I’m kicking myself for not taking that leap of courage and putting that money into Bitcoin at that time. Like I sometimes think now, with skepticism I let fear control me and held onto the money that I had. Five years later I regret not letting go of that fear as Bitcoin is rising day by day. That money I had is long gone but it could have turned it into something great.

With that being said, before January 2021 I had no cryptocurrency at all. With the start of the new year I decided to take control of my financial future. I started trading more heavily in the stock market. While looking into other ways to create other streams of income. I found some ways to earn cryptocurrency through a couple of apps on my phone, the Pi and Bee Network. If you want to sign up too, it is by referral only feel free to use Larkcco as the referral code for both apps. I didn’t have to put any money into either of these earning apps, so I didn’t see any harm. This is where my interest in cryptocurrency took a turn!

I did more research into all the different crypto that are out there. There are thousands and they’re still being added! This is when I started to see the bigger picture for crypto. I couldn’t afford a whole Bitcoin so I purchased a lot of more affordable coins and this began my journey into the crypto market.

I discovered BitcoLoan in February 2021 as I looked for more ways to earn. I was very leery at first because I read blogs and saw videos of other “exit”, “rug-pull”, and “get out quick” companies where people lost everything in some cases. I signed up for free with BitcoLoan and perused the site very carefully for about a month without making any deposits. One thing that I noticed in that time that was different from all the other companies. BitcoLoan never required people to convert their valued coins (BTC, ETH, etc.) into their upcoming company token, which I studied other companies had done. This gave me confidence in knowing that I get to loan BTC, ETH or USD, which I currently have loans out in all three.

After a month in BitcoLoan I had read more articles, blogs and watched many more videos. I finally decided to let the fear go and put a little bit of money in. When I say a little, I mean $50 in Dogecoin that I converted to Bitcoin. After a few days I saw the daily interest returned to me in Bitcoin. I then decided to fulfill one of the activities to get some of their farmed tokens from loans, so I deposited $100 more into a business loan. A few days of seeing that return I read blogs about how the referral program worked. After a couple of deposits and loans, I felt comfortable recommending a few people close to me as I wanted to see them succeed too. One of my referrals owned 1 Bitcoin. She decided to trust the system and made a few separate loans with the entire Bitcoin and in doing so as her sponsoring partner I gained over $4000 in Bitcoin from the interest of her loans. I thought of withdrawing it, but what was the sense if I could make more? I loaned it out so that I could see it grow more with interest.

This has gotten me over 300,000 BitcoLoan tokens valued now at .00012 each. I have been continually active and may have maxed out on my rating bonus at 2.3. However there are still a few more activities left more me to complete that will help me gain more of the company token at least.

I have made over $1500 in Bitcoin with the daily interest from loans with two months left to see my full return on a few 90 day loans. By the end of the loan terms, I calculated having .2 Bitcoin accumulated. To think, just a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have bought a Bitcoin unless I could afford a whole one. Now I’m working my way up to a whole Bitcoin.

If you are on the fence or thinking about it, I can relate with you. I suggest you embrace your fears. I still have fears in the back of my mind as I write this. The scariest of them have subsided. I think to myself, “Where would the most successful people be if they let fear stand in their way of achieving their dreams and goals?”. I made a decision this year to not be the one saying “what if” down the road from now. Some will still be too scared to venture. Some still don’t believe that it’s possible, but I am seeing it for myself. This is a great chance for someone to start changing their financial future and ride the crypto wave into the future.

I do personally recommend BitcoLoan. I have seen it work for me and they have a support staff that is always there to help with any questions. It has a very user friendly site and app interface.

If you want to look more into it for yourself please feel free to follow my link here:

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