​BitcoLoan changed my self-perception!

Hello, everyone! My name is Nicolas. I learned how to trust good people and what comes of it. I never thought I would find myself writing success stories but I have a lot to share with you.

After all, if it wasn’t for you, BitcoLoan community, I would never be so successful. This is how it all happened.

Like I said, I am Nicolas and I live in Córdoba, Argentina. I am not a really big crypto player. I always preferred real money to digital world. One day it wasn’t enough to have the lifestyle I wanted. My country is not the reachest and I wasn’t lucky to be born in the upper circles. The only dream I had was to live separately from my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love them very much. I am also a grown up man and this is hard to feel myself incomplete. And this is the reason I was always searching for some source of passive income I can combine with my work.

My story began with the first purchase of Ethereum. I bought 2.5 ETH in February with the plan of saving it until I see +150% in the wallet! As it turned out, I had to wait longer that I hoped for. I was under the influence of one of my friends who personally has been holding Ethereum since 2020. I was so much inspired by his profits! But I was not so lucky. And again, it was my friend who let me in the BitcoLoan community. We did quite a nice thing here and now I’m going to spill more details!

I was invited on BitcoLoan to participate in a business loan. It is better to register like this because I received a bonus to the money I invested, namely $4200 turned into $4620! It was on March 16and the loan is due May 2. This is one if my biggest deposits so far, it brings $56 a day…I make only $40 at my main work! This is madness…

My interest heightened with BitcoLoan token announcement. With daily and some other bounty tasks, I managed to collect 5500 tokens. This was what made me think about reinvesting the business loan profits a week ago. As result, $1680 in a short-term individual loan brought me 134000 tokens. I have a good feeling about this! I’m looking for an apartment to rent now. The token money should be enough to cover several months. I told my parents that I’m going to move out this May. They still cannot believe me. I know that all of you will understand me for sure!

I have a strong plan for the future. In 5 months, I will make enough money to last for a year.I am buying more crypto now so I could invest more before the token sale. This could not be a great success story, but I never saw this much money in my life and I want to see more! I want to inspire ordinary people like myself to not to be afraid and move forward. BitcoLoan gave me faith in myself. I am meant for something great, I know that now.

Thank you for your attention!

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Detailed information: http://bit.ly/3bxbo1b

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