​The BitcoLoan token Smart Contract has been launched and deployed on the Ethereum network! This is the most important step on our way to BitcoLoan Protocol Ecosystem. Much has been done and there is even more ahead.

The next step is the smart contract code auditing and publishing. We keep moving toward or goal.

BitcoLoan Token Smart Contract

The contract has been launched and deployed on the Ethereum network. You can find it at https://etherscan.io/address/0xf62776b40917fb253e2c4173f2d8b0031207abf8.

The token tracker is also available https://etherscan.io/token/0xf62776b40917fb253e2c4173f2d8b0031207abf8.

Smart Contract Auditing

Before publishing the code, it requires proper auditing. …

​The cryptocurrency market is now in decline. The Bitcoin mining difficulty has increased by 21%, while its price has reduced by 10% with a possible stagnation perspective. Apart from that, the recent news has also affected the cryptocurrency price.

It is important to seize the moment and save your assets. You’ve already made the first step as you’re a Bitcoloan client. In this case, you can avoid extra losses and even benefit from the situation. You’re only a few clicks away!

The Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

Price drop is the best time you can get more Bitcoin for your portfolio. There is no doubt its…

Hello, my favorite community! Annika is behind the wheel. I consider myself an experienced BitcoLoan user. At the same time, it was hard to bring myself to write this story. However, there were a couple of events that pushed me to do that. Enjoy!

I live in South Africa. There are certain difficulties to get a job and find good investment opportunity. For this reason, I have been seeking out the ways to earn some money online. …

May 7, the Private Sale Tier #1 has ended. It means that Tier #2 is officially on! The token price has changed, so have the Bounty rewards. There are fewer and fewer opportunities to get the BitcoLoan token.

Along with the start of the next stage, we’d like to present you the new Bounty task that will get you 800 tokens in a couple of clicks. It will grant you an advantage in the $20,000 contest!

Tier #2 of Private Sale

With the Tier #2 on, there are changes in the token price and Bounty reward size. The token price has increased by 20% and…

Today we’ve added a Litecoin balance to your Dashboard. This is an account where you can store your crypto without conversion. Or, you could invest some other crypto in Litecoin.

Store crypto on BitcoLoan and get 0.2% of the remaining account balance daily. You can add or withdraw funds at any moment.

72% APY
If you already have Litecoin or you wish to invest in it, BitcoLoan is your best choice. Store Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD on our platform and get 72% APY.

Win up to $10,000
We’d like to remind you that Bitcoloan is running a contest with a…

Hello there! I’m Francisco and I’m writing this from sunny and beautiful Brazil. I love sport and healthy lifestyle! This is my story of accidental success.

Why I call my success accidental? I bought some Doge coins long ago and only because I liked funny jokes and coin design. I always thought about cryptocurrency as about child game, as about something that helps you to belong to trend. Like this, I learned about Doge and bought some coins for $150. It was before its price was more than 1 cent, 2 years ago if I don’t mistake myself. In February…

BitcoLoan announces a contest where you can get up to $10,000! The competition starts today, while the results will be announced in one month.

This is a two-category contest, and there are 5 winners in each category. The initial prize is $500. Hurry up to take part in the contest!

The contest rules are simple. Starting today, you need to invite as many active partners as possible. The more invitations you send, the better your chances of winning.

- We will only accepts those partners, invited on or after the contest start date.
- We accept only “active” partners. In other…

In 10 days the first Tier of Private Sale will be officially over. It means that it will be followed by the Tier #2, where the token price will increase and the Bounty rewards will be reduced by 20%.

As planned, we’re almost ready for the smart contract release, which will be announced soon. However, the Tier #1 may end earlier than planned as there are very few tokens left.

BitcoLoan Smart Contract

BitcoLoan Protocol is a set of elements of a single ecosystem. BitcoLoan smart contract is one of its key components. …

Hello, everyone! My name is Nicolas. I learned how to trust good people and what comes of it. I never thought I would find myself writing success stories but I have a lot to share with you.

After all, if it wasn’t for you, BitcoLoan community, I would never be so successful. This is how it all happened.

Like I said, I am Nicolas and I live in Córdoba, Argentina. I am not a really big crypto player. I always preferred real money to digital world. One day it wasn’t enough to have the lifestyle I wanted. My country is…

Yesterday, the whole world was celebrating the DogeCoin day, and today you can invest your DOGE in BitcoLoan! This currency is now available for the balance top-up, withdrawal and coin trading.

From this moment on, you can invest DOGE in crypto loans and start making money. You could also just top your balance with DOGE and get 0.2% profit daily!

DOGE has gone from being some “crypto-joke” to one one the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. For that reason, this is a perfect option for those who want to diversify their crypto portfolio or just start investing in cryptocurrency.


🌟BitcoLoan is a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform — we help those who need money find people willing to bail them out. Life line to crypto freedom💸

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